Free transport: Leipzig (DE) - Moscow (RUS), 90 cc awning, loading: side, rear, top, CMR insurance , TIR       :::       Loading: Minsk (BY) - Moscow (RUS) , 8 tons, 82 cubic meters , non-hazardous chemical cargo on pallets, payment upon unloading       :::       Loading: Gomel (BY) - Nakhod (CZ) , 21 tons, 82 cubic meters , TNP cargo, customs clearance/customs clearance in places, quick unloading


The Kronex Сompany is a team of professionals who promptly solve all emerging issues. We provide a full range of logistics services from cargo storage to international, multimodal transportation with customs clearance, so you can transfer all the logistics of your company to us and significantly simplify your own production processes.

Our company is open to cooperation and is always happy to find new business partners. We offer favorable conditions for:

  • Wide geography of cargo delivery;
  • Safety assurance;
  • 24/7 communication;
  • Compliance with contractual obligations and business ethics;
  • Professional and responsible drivers;
  • Reliability and timeliness of payments;
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships;
  • Assistance in processing documents;

By cooperating with us, you get a quality guarantee for the services provided, because thanks to the experience we have accumulated, we have organized well-coordinated work at all stages of logistics processes.

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