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For correct organization and effective business management, it is important to choose the right production facilities. It is necessary to take into account many factors: the size of the premises, their location, the reliability of security and, of course, the price. The most profitable option is to rent.

The following types of rentals are available:


1. Warehouse rental

Any company may need to rent a warehouse to store raw materials or manufactured goods. At the same time, the cost of renting a warehouse remains affordable for the average owner of the company. You can rent a warm warehouse, rent a cold warehouse, or rent a warehouse with a ramp. Our company offers to rent a warehouse without intermediaries and efficiently store production raw materials or products in optimal temperature conditions.

Rent a warehouse with a ramp

A ramp is a platform used for loading and unloading goods. A properly positioned ramp will ensure fast loading of goods to the warehouse, so most entrepreneurs prefer to rent a warehouse in the Minsk district with a ramp. There are ramps of different heights (for different working vehicles), with special configuration features, covered and uncovered. Renting a warehouse with a ramp is the best solution for businessmen who appreciate every minute. You can rent a warehouse with a ramp in Minsk without intermediaries with the Kronex Company: we offer spacious rooms with optimal temperature conditions.

Rent of a warm warehouse.

Renting a heated warehouse allows you to create ideal conditions for storing certain groups of goods. The temperature regime of the warm warehouse is regulated in accordance with the requirements for the content of products, along with ventilation and humidity levels. It is important to note that a warm warehouse space will provide optimal conditions for personnel during sorting, loading or labeling of goods in the cold season. Renting a heated warehouse in Minsk costs more than unheated premises, but optimal temperature conditions will help to store products for a long time, increasing profits.

Cold warehouse rental

For undemanding products (construction materials, auto parts, etc.), it is not necessary to rent a warm warehouse. Such products are perfectly stored in a cold warehouse and do not require special storage conditions. It is a mistake to think that renting a cold warehouse in Minsk from the owner is equivalent to storing products on the street: clean and tidy premises reliably protect goods from sunlight, precipitation, temperature changes and other aggressive environmental factors, and the price of renting a warehouse in the Kronex Company will pleasantly surprise you.


2. Rental of industrial premises

Tenants are given the opportunity to choose and rent a room for production, which is ideal for their tasks. Everything is provided here for the placement of an industrial workshop, which will certainly have a positive impact on business development.

Production premises are a profitable solution for entrepreneurs engaged in various fields of activity:

  • production of building materials;
  • woodworking industry;
  • stone processing;
  • metalworking;

3. Rent an office near a warehouse

It is much more profitable to rent these objects in a complex than separately. In addition, the structure was erected near the transport routes through which the delivery is carried out, taking into account all requirements. We are the owner, so one of the main advantages of renting a warehouse and office from us is a favorable price.

Renting an office and a warehouse in one place greatly simplifies communication within the company. This service is mainly needed by companies that are engaged in trading activities. This will allow them to reduce the cost of renting office space, and the warehouse will be able to ship goods faster. This option is also suitable for those who need to register a legal address.


4. Rent of outdoor areas

If the product does not require special storage conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.), then you can stop at the most economical option - an open area. This will reduce the cost of maintaining the warehouse.

Goods such as production machines and agricultural machinery, some types of building materials and metal products can be stored on an open site, and the site can be used for short-term and seasonal cargo storage.


5. Rent under the crane

One of the types of services of the Kronex Company warehouse complex is the leasing of a platform under a gantry crane. A gantry crane is a type of bridge support crane with a high load capacity. Externally, it is a bridge made of an I-beam on movable supports, along which a trolley (hoist) with a grip moves.

Renting a platform with a crane on a rail track is appropriate for moving heavy loads of different shapes and sizes over a large area. As a rule, these are rolled metal, reinforced concrete products, machinery, building materials, etc. Such a lifting and transport mechanism is indispensable in loading and unloading railway wagons.

аренда под навесом.jpg

6. Rent under a canopy

Renting a warehouse under a canopy is in demand by many entrepreneurs, since such a design for storing goods combines the advantages of an open area and a closed room. Its rental has the following advantages:

  • The fee for using the outdoor area will be lower than when renting a closed room.
  • Stored products are protected from exposure to sunlight, snow and rain.
  • The open space simplifies loading and unloading operations. If it is necessary to use crane equipment, you can rent a platform under a canopy with an installed crane beam..

Offer from the Kronex Company

It offers customers a huge modern complex with an area of 20 000 m², where the:

  • heated and unheated warehouses;
  • storage facilities for floor and/or shelving storage;
  • territories for industrial storage;
  • outdoor areas;

Each client of the company who has made a decision to rent warehouse premises receives a number of advantageous advantages. First of all, a modern office and warehouse logistics complex is a team of experienced professionals who are ready to provide a wide range of services in various areas. Modern technology, developed infrastructure, ideal layout allow customers to solve production tasks at a high professional level.

Profitable rental of production and warehouse premises allows you to save on expenses and concentrate all your efforts on business development. And our employees will take care of the safety of the property and convenient service.

Our advantages:

  • low rental (or storage) prices;
  • convenient location;
  • good transport accessibility;
  • high-quality security, video surveillance;
  • the possibility of prompt loading/unloading of goods or cargo (provided by renting under a crane);
  • additional protection of goods transferred to storage under canopies.

outsourcing the functions of warehouse logistics to our Kronex Company is beneficial. Storage of products, their integrity and safety are provided for an acceptable fee. Shipment will be made as needed. An entrepreneur gets the opportunity to concentrate on business and not waste time on solving current problems.

The transfer of warehouse logistics functions to outsourcing of our Kronex Company is beneficial. Storage of products, their integrity and safety are provided for an acceptable fee. Shipment will be made as needed. An entrepreneur gets the opportunity to concentrate on business and not waste time on solving current problems.

Our complex is consistently developing, expanding its capabilities, improving the quality of service. We are glad to cooperate with regular customers and are ready to work with new partners on mutually beneficial terms. Contact the managers of the company and get answers to all your questions about further cooperation. Specialists will make calculations and prepare a commercial offer based on the individual needs of each customer.

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