Free transport: Leipzig (DE) - Moscow (RUS), 90 cc awning, loading: side, rear, top, CMR insurance , TIR       :::       Loading: Minsk (BY) - Moscow (RUS) , 8 tons, 82 cubic meters , non-hazardous chemical cargo on pallets, payment upon unloading       :::       Loading: Gomel (BY) - Nakhod (CZ) , 21 tons, 82 cubic meters , TNP cargo, customs clearance/customs clearance in places, quick unloading

International transportation

International transportation

Cargo transportation is the engine of trade

International transportation has been the engine of trade since its inception and one of the most important stages of a trade transaction. Such transportation is the fastest, safest and most affordable way to transfer goods anywhere in the world.

Kronex Company provides forwarding services and international transportation. When providing these services, we take into account all the features of the transported goods and the route along which it should be delivered.

International road transport

Road transport is a fairly fast type of cargo transportation. In addition, it is considered the most convenient in the case of delivery of small batches of goods. When transporting goods by road, cargo handling and customs clearance are simplified.

Transportation by rail

We carry out international rail transportation of various types of cargo. Among the advantages of this service, it is worth noting the ability to transport large batches of raw materials, bulk materials, and construction materials at a time.

Directions of our routes

We have a wide geography of transportation. We help our clients to organize international road cargo transportation:

  • From Belarus to Russia,
  • From Russia to EU countries,
  • From the EAEU countries to the EU,
  • From the EU to the EAEU.

Types of cargo

Kronex Сompany transports various types of goods:

  • bulk cargo,
  • building materials
  • metal,
  • forest,
  • lumber,
  • agriculture,
  • and many others.

High-quality international transportation services

The Kronex Сompany carries out the full organization of international road transport. By contacting us, you will receive a quality guarantee and well-coordinated work at all stages of logistics processes!

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