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Responsible storage

Responsible storage

Responsible storage of goods and cargo is a comprehensive logistics service.
Warehouse logistics from the Kronex Company is reliability, quality and a professional approach to each transaction. Our services enable customers to reduce time and financial costs at all stages of distribution and logistics operations.

Storage process

The registration of the goods begins from the moment it arrives at the warehouse. At this stage, the documentation is checked for compliance with the condition of the goods and the quantity of the goods received, as well as compliance with certain conditions of the documentation attached to the cargo. After confirming receipt of the goods, the warehouse is responsible for it. At this stage, the goods are unloaded for storage, sorted and transferred to the warehouse. And then the transfer of the goods for safekeeping ends.

Now comes the second stage - the storage of goods. It consists in placing goods in a certain way on an accessible warehouse area, called a periodic storage area. At this stage, the goods are collected in the reception area and placed in the storage area in accordance with their dimensions, specified storage conditions (appropriate temperature) and storage technology. When storing goods, an appropriate platform is selected to protect the cargo from the harmful effects of external and internal factors, to ensure condensation. Employees provide procedures aimed at obtaining the proper condition of the cargo, as well as its periodic inspection. If necessary, the goods are sent to the delivery area.

The final stage of the storage process is the delivery of the goods to the customer. This happens in the issue area. The responsible cargo storage service includes the preparation of goods, their storage and loading of goods into a suitable vehicle.

Cargo storage options:


1. Storage in a warehouseе

Kronex Company provides comprehensive cargo storage services. Responsible storage of goods in a warehouse is designed to solve a number of problems related to warehouse logistics:

  • moving;
  • loading;
  • unloading;
  • storage;
  • processing;
  • and others
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2. Outdoor storage

The open areas are fully prepared for cargo placement. All of them have large dimensions, smooth and hard coating. In accordance with the rules of fire safety, the sites are equipped with fire extinguishing equipment. In the storage areas, conditions have been created for the operation of special equipment of any load capacity, which will greatly simplify the unloading and loading of your property.

For which goods are open storage warehouses created?

  • products made of metals and their alloys (steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.);
  • building materials (reinforced concrete, rebar, brick, slate);
  • plastic and glass products;
  • containers (empty or loaded);
  • technical devices;
  • accessories.
It is also allowed to store other goods if it is covered with a tarpaulin or plastic wrap or placed in a protective packaging.


3. Storage under canopies

A warehouse under a canopy, or a so-called semi-closed warehouse, is equipped on the street with the installation of a temporary roof (canopy) made of polycarbonate and other materials. Canopies can be stationary or collapsible.

The main function of warehouses under a canopy is to protect cargo from direct sunlight and precipitation (rain, snow, etc.). Most often, this type of warehouse is chosen for storing goods that are afraid of moisture and the sun: lumber, small-grade black metal, refractory bricks, cement, paint, paper and others.


4. Storage under a gantry crane

Storage under a crane is a profitable solution for efficient and inexpensive placement of certain products. Nearby there is a railway line that allows you to transport large volumes of goods. With the help of a gantry crane, heavy loads can be moved quickly and safely.

What can be stored under a gantry crane?

  • rolled metal products;
  • Reinforced concrete structures;
  • containers with goods;
  • timber and lumber;
  • raw materials;
  • etc.

Advantages of responsible cargo storage:

  • complex of loading and unloading operations;
  • cargo handling services;
  • temporary and permanent storage, customs warehouse;
  • placement of products in pallets and on pallets;
  • preparation for transportation;
  • preparation of necessary documentation and reporting.

Additional storage services:

  • counting, sorting, packing, packaging, labeling;
  • acceptance, shipment and movement of goods.

Advantages of storage at Kronex

  • the possibility of storing goods in a warehouse, an open area,
    under canopies, under a gantry crane;
  • storage of food and non-food products;
  • individual selection of a place depending on the specifics
  • favorable prices for warehouse rental;
  • necessary equipment for uninterrupted operation.

The responsible storage service from the Kronex Company is loss insurance, qualified personnel, innovative equipment. If you are still looking for a warehouse, we are ready to offer you it and a storage service at the best price.

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