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In the process of importing or exporting goods, logistics companies carry out cargo transshipment at specialized sites. At the same time, the owner of the cargo does not pay for storage in the warehouse, which makes such a logistics procedure very popular.

The concept of cross docking

Cargo transshipment, or cross-docking, is a logistics scheme involving transshipment, transportation, processing and dispatch of goods inside a warehouse without placement for storage.

The overload of export-import of goods plays an important role in conditions when several types of vehicles take part in the working process. Cross docking in Belarus is focused on the following actions:

  • reloading of goods from one transport to another;
  • reducing the delivery time of the order;
  • synchronization of work operations.

Types of cross docking

Cross-docking of goods in a warehouse can be of two types - one-stage (direct transfer of cargo without re-forming) and two-stage (end-to-end cargo handling scheme).

The end-to-end cargo handling scheme reduces the delivery time of products to the destination. The transshipment complex allows to obtain such a format of cargo transportation, in which all groups of available goods undergo complex sorting both in the directions of further departure and by individual vehicles.

There are also schemes for transshipment of goods:

  • transshipment of auto-auto
  • transshipment of a car- wagon;
  • transshipment wagon-wagon;
Modern car-car transshipment is a complex technological process in which various special equipment takes part and includes a number of activities, the scope of which includes:

  • reception;
  • weighing;
  • registration;
  • unloading and placement of goods;
  • storage;
  • sending by available transport.

To perform cross-docking, Kronex Company LLC has compiled a list of service offers, which also includes loading and unloading wagons with different categories of goods:

  • fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products;
  • products of advertising properties;
  • high-demand products;
  • luggage after sampling, packing, packing.

Advantages of the company

The advantages of Kronex Companies LLC include: full documentary support, operational information about the dislocation of cargo, registration of phytosertificate, fast reloading of goods of any category by crane, winch, loader, transshipment of lumber and metal transshipment. 

The terminal of our company has an increased throughput flow, which allows you to overload a car-a car for 150 cars per day, to service the railway transshipment of 11 freight cars. All work is carried out promptly due to convenient infrastructure, availability of vehicles of various carrying capacities.

Transshipment of auto-auto is possible with consolidation or de-consolidation of luggage with placement for storage. The company also performs transshipment in export mode.

Perfectly coordinated work of employees, the flow of the process, the availability of all the necessary technical base and extensive experience are a guarantee of the quality and efficiency of our work!

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