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Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation

The Kronex company carries out multimodal transportation, which is popular with large organizations and private clients. This is a type of cargo transportation to the destination by two or more different modes of transport.

The company's specialists, under an agreement with the client, competently organize the phased transportation of the same cargo by suitable modes of transport, choose the optimal and convenient route, and ensure fast delivery of goods by rail and highways. We provide multimodal transportation of goods of any complexity, we are responsible for high-quality and timely transportation.

We guarantee the safety and speed of delivery thanks to the selection of suitable vehicles with the appropriate dimensions of the body, its load capacity, the peculiarities of storing goods in transit. In the process of freight forwarding, we carry out its transshipment - temporary storage and reloading from one transport to another, which significantly reduces the delivery time. We carry out acceptance and weighing, registration and delivery by other transport. At the same time, the owner of the cargo does not pay for its storage. The company's terminal withstands increased throughput - we are reloading 150 cars and 11 freight cars per day.

The scheme of cooperation with the customer includes several points:

  • we receive a request from the client for cargo delivery
  • we develop individual offers
  • we conclude a contract
  • we will arrange delivery by two types of transport
  • we complete the transaction within the specified time

Types of transport

On the main sections of the route, the company uses road and rail transport. The fastest and most convenient type of transportation of small batches of goods is road transport. We pick up the cargo from the supplier, distribute the cargo to large-sized or light vehicles, depending on the product category, and deliver it to the customer.

In bunkers, covered wagons, containers, we transport a large amount of cargo at a time by rail, including construction materials, metal products, bulk substances. The large carrying capacity of railway transport, the absence of dependence on weather conditions and the round-the-clock operation of the railway allows you to deliver cargo in the shortest possible time.

Directions of multimodal transportation and types of cargo

Kronex Company LLC conducts international road and rail cargo transportation along the following routes:

  • Belarus - Russia
  • Russia - EU countries
  • EAEU - EU countries
  • EU - EAEU.

We carry out transportation of a wide variety of goods, ranging from perishable food to coal. We transport metal, construction and lumber, timber, paper, bulk materials, agricultural crops and fertilizers, household chemicals, standard and non-standard cargoes of various purposes with specific properties, unlimited and limited shelf life.

The cost of transportation depends on the size and type of products, type of transport and distance, urgency and terms of delivery.

Advantages of multimodal transportation

Customers get a great benefit, which is as follows:

  • They conclude a contract only with our company and pay only to us as a performer.
  • The cost of cargo delivery is reduced.
  • The delivery time is significantly reduced.
  • They receive security and guarantees, because all responsibility for the safety of the goods is assigned to the contractor.
  • The client provides a minimum number of documents, all other papers, including for customs inspection, are processed by our company's specialists.

Why is it more profitable to place an order for transportation in the Kronex company

The company has accumulated a lot of experience, improved logistics processes, carries out cargo transportation over any distance and of any complexity. We are trusted for several reasons:

  • we offer affordable prices for all types of services
  • we approach each client comprehensively and responsibly
  • we promptly deliver cargo to Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other CIS countries
  • we provide personal conditions of carriage.

Clients, turning to us, receive a guarantee of the quality of the services provided and the well-coordinated work of specialists at all stages.

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