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Loading and unloading of wagons

Loading and unloading of wagons
The organization of loading and unloading of wagons is a comprehensive service of our company. The platform that we provide is equipped for unloading, loading and storage of materials. The loading station of wagons is under reliable protection.

There are two ways to use the services of loading wagons: unloading materials for safe short-term storage and loading railway wagons in order to change transport and continue the route. You provide the wagon for loading the goods yourself. After its delivery to the railway dead end, our specialists load the railway car. Then the car provided by the customer is sent to the EU (Lithuania, Poland, etc.).

What we offer – features of the service

Our railcar loading and unloading station has an ideal location for the distribution of railway cargo across Europe in two main directions – Poland and Lithuania. Our work allows companies to cope with complex logistics.

The service of a platform with a railway dead end includes the following types of work:

  • Receiving cargo at the railway station;
  • Railcar unloading services;
  • Railway cargo acceptance and unloading/loading of railway wagons;
  • Provision for the use of its own access railway;
  • We carry out loading and unloading of wagons by manual and mechanized methods;
  • Overloading of cargo to the customer's vehicles.
  • Loading of railway wagons is in demand in a number of cases. The transfer of materials and goods to EU countries often requires a change of transport. In this case, we perform transshipment with a change of transport (from railway to motor transport and vice versa).
Why should you contact us for the services of loading and unloading railway cars
Modern services of the railway dead end are profitable. Because it is more affordable, and convenient for working conditions. Our station is organized for the most convenient and fast operation. There is our own equipment for loading cargo into a railway carriage of any type and volume. Own warehouse with a railway dead end will allow, if necessary, to leave the cargo for safekeeping, with the possibility of subsequent transportation.

Advantages of working with us

For successful and profitable cooperation with our clients, we offer:

  • Fully equipped territory. The dead end of the railway track is equipped with a convenient entrance for all types of modern transport. The platform is suitable for maneuvering low-frame trawls. You will be served with the help of special equipment – stackers, forklifts, the lifting capacity of which reaches up to 10 tons, cranes up to 100 tons of lifting capacity.
  • Own railway branch. The services of loading wagons and their subsequent dispatch are carried out according to an established scheme. Due to its own branch, the goods arrive on time at the place of arrival without delay.
  • Huge storage areas that are suitable for temporary and responsible storage of cargo.
  • Round-the-clock security. Your cargo will be under reliable protection guaranteed. We are responsible for the safety of goods.
  • Cargo accounting system. Thanks to a specially adjusted system, we promptly carry out cargo acceptance and fast shipment.
Loading of railway cars in our company is carried out on favorable terms for the client. To learn more about the work, as well as about prices, call us. The manager will advise you on all the questions you are interested in.
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