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Railway transportation

Railway transportation

Rail transportation is an important part of business relations between organizations, allowing many firms to function, delivering raw materials and transporting finished products.

Our logistics center carries out rail freight transportation in Belarus and the EEC countries. We promptly organize railway transportation on our own railway line (also as part of transshipment).

Features of railway deliveries: methods, geography

Kronex employees organize closed and open-type railway transportation. The choice of a particular delivery method depends on the volume of goods being transported. Depending on the type and quantity of goods, railway transportation services are provided using:

  • hopper cars;
  • covered railway wagons;
  • universal containers;

Delivery is carried out to such countries as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation.

The cost of rail transportation is influenced by the size and type of products, the type of car, the distance from point A to point B, the conditions of cargo delivery, urgency.

Types of cargo for railway transport

We transport building materials, timber, raw materials, paper, metal, household chemicals, bulk cargo, agricultural crops, fertilizers, bulk cargo, coal and other goods. We carry out railway transportation of food and non-food products, standard and non-standard sizes of cargo, luggage with a limited and unlimited shelf life, with specific consumer properties.

Advantages of railway cargo transportation

Competently developed logistics of railway transportation is beneficial to business representatives for many reasons:

  • large load capacity of wagons;
  • less dependence on weather conditions, road quality;
  • the railway works around the clock;
  • no seasonal jumps in railway fares;

Thanks to all these advantages, it is possible to organize rail transportation of goods along any routes and in the shortest possible time.

Algorithm of cooperation

Clients work with us according to a convenient scheme:

1. Request for cargo delivery from the customer.
2. Our specialists make an individual offer.
3. Conclusion of an agreement between the parties.
4. Organization of transportation by rail.
5. Completion of the transaction on time.

4 reasons to order services from Kronex

We are professionals in our field, which means we guarantee:

  • affordable prices for all types of services;
  • operational transportation across Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and other EAEU countries;
  • comprehensive approach to work;
  • personal conditions of railway transportation.

Thanks to our accumulated experience, we have established logistics processes at the highest level. You can entrust us with railway cargo transportation of any complexity!

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