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Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

Kronex Сompany provides warehouse services to enterprises and individuals in Belarus.

Warehouse services are an important necessity for any business. Today, with the growth of industry and trade, warehouse services are in great demand. Not every entrepreneur can provide a place and special equipment for storing and placing goods and products. Moreover, sometimes it is simply unprofitable to spend assets on the organization of warehouses. We will provide not only the necessary microclimate, but also lifting equipment, as well as a staff of specialists working with your products.

Features of the provision of warehouse services

Warehouse services from the Company Kronex is a complex of activities that includes not only loading and unloading operations, but also warehouse processing. The company's specialists will perform the following types of work with the customer's products:

Loading and unloading operations

Loading and unloading of goods is carried out manually (by a team of movers) and with the help of lifting and transport equipment.

The manual method is used when working with small-sized and relatively light products. It provides compact loading of goods with maximum use of usable space in transport.

We resort to the mechanized method when moving large batches of products and heavy loads. The company has cranes, manipulators, self-propelled loaders and other special equipment at its disposal, which guarantees high speed and absolute safety of loading and unloading operations.

We have overhead cranes: a gantry crane and a beam crane. With their help, the unloading of goods from railway wagons and cars is carried out.

The cost of loading and unloading operations is determined individually. Kronex company always meets customers halfway. Our goods loading and unloading services are the perfect combination of price and quality.


Labeling of goods is an important stage of warehouse processing. Work on the application of control identification marks on products greatly simplifies the work with the goods that have arrived at the warehouse. Such information may contain: barcode, manufacturer information, etc. Compact stickers, labels or labels allow you to identify any type of product and provide the right conditions for loading, storage or transportation.


This stage helps to sort products by type and see a possible marriage. In some cases, defective goods are disposed of, re-formed into other sets or stored with an appropriate mark.


The main point of cargo handling of all products is considered to be packaging and labeling. Thanks to the packaging, the products have a marketable appearance. As a rule, packaging is carried out in special boxes, for further certification of products in the Republic of Belarus. Packaging materials ensure reliability, safety and integrity during any work. Each type of product is packed in a certain material for safe transportation.


In many cases, the client needs to apply additional information. The product sticker displays: the name of the product, composition, shelf life, optimal conditions for storage and manufacturer. The labeling of goods in the warehouse is done manually or using a marking gun.


Product certification is a necessary part of doing business. Certification of goods in the Republic of Belarus is a mandatory legal requirement. The procedure itself is standard and includes many stages: collection of necessary documents; application to an authorized organization; documentary analysis; conclusion of a contract for the procedure; testing on selected samples; analysis; development of a certificate; registration and issuance process. After passing the certification, any product can be checked by the number in the unified register.

Warehouse operation is an uninterrupted process that requires huge time, technical and financial investments. By entrusting the service of your cargo to us, you can not worry about their safety and optimize the activities of your company.

We work with loads up to 10 tons. We provide one-time service and work on a long-term basis.

Advantages of Kronex warehouse services:

Our company is one of the leaders in providing high-quality warehouse services in the Republic of Belarus.

By choosing us, you get:

  • Comprehensive solutions in the field of warehouse logistics.
  • Reliable protection of premises and protection of products from theft or damage.
  • Prompt response to any unplanned situations.
  • Flexible terms of partnership.
  • Trained, experienced, highly professional staff.
  • Affordable cost, implementation of related additional services.
  • Provision of packaging, loading and unloading of your transport.

All storage facilities provided to customers comply with the technical standards adopted in Belarus. Each operation performed is documented. The warehouse complex has convenient access roads. Including a separate railway line.

Do you want to use warehouse services? Contact the Kronex Company. Competent managers will answer all your questions. We are waiting for your call.

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