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Transshipment of timber

Transshipment of timber

Kronex Company has organized a chain of lumber supplies from Siberia to anywhere in the EU according to the wagon scheme/auto (auto/auto).

The work in this case occurs according to the following scheme:

1. Shipment of lumber by railway transport to our address in the Republic of Belarus (a. Mikhanovichi, RB. Mikhanovichi 145002 BCH). We can put the car, or your supplier.
2. Acceptance of the car on the territory of its own terminal in the Republic of Belarus.
3. Unloading of lumber. In the event that the lumber comes in covered wagons, the formation of transport packages with additional packaging takes place
4. Subsequent transshipment of cargo to vehicles (mainly 1 car = 3 cars. There may also be cases when a conditional 2.5 cars are placed in one car. In this case, the transshipment looks like this: 2 cars / 5 cars)
5. Registration of all necessary documents, including the reissue of phytosanitary certificates.
6. Delivery of cargo to the EU to the final recipient.

Delivery time of the goods:

  • EAEU - RB = 6-15 days (wagon)
  • RB - EU = up to 4 days. (auto transport)

This scheme of work allows you to save up to 3000 euros on 1 car compared to delivery by road directly from the Russian Federation to the EU.

In the event that your output volumes do not allow you to form car lots, we offer the export of cargo from Siberia by road to our terminal in the Republic of Belarus, where the cargo will be transshipped to another vehicle, which, in turn, will deliver the cargo to the EU.

Also, as part of this industry solution, we provide free placement of lumber at our terminal. This is convenient in cases where the specifics of your business involves the accumulation of batches of goods with subsequent shipments.

Advantages of working under this scheme:

1. More profitable logistics compared to direct motor transport.
2. Consolidation of goods with free placement.
3. Constant possibility of shipment of goods. Railway transport does not depend on weather conditions.

  • Direct vehicle Siberia - Czech Republic = 2800* euro (3 cars = 8400)
  • 1 car from Siberia to Belarus = 2300* euro
  • Transshipment in stock = 900* euro
  • Delivery to the Czech Republic = 1250* euro (1 car = 3 cars)
  • Total: =2300+900+1250*3=6950*
  • Benefit = 8400-6950 = 1450 euros
* - approximate cost
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